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Benedikt Frey

Benedikt Frey pays tribute to the past, present and future of dance music in this weeks mix through an enticing mosaic of 90s-infused breakbeat, industrial, acid and grim techno. We also had a chat to discuss production methods, influences and releases.

Karamika: BAU002

Here we find Karamika continuing their chaotic exploration of raw, obsessive kraut and industrial motifs. Like walking the last corridor to the big boss’ dungeon in a vintage platform game, it’ll leave you both excited to outdo your own egotistic self and afraid at getting back to the real world. Get strange.

Mr TC: Surf & Destroy EP

If C. R. Stecyk, III once contributed the Dogtown legend by sanctifying the now concrete-cast ‘Skate and destroy’ phrase in his famous article for Thrasher magazine, Glaswegian talent Thomas Lea Clarke aka Mr TC opted for aquatic obliteration with his second instalment for JD Twitch’s Optimo Music.

Unsound Festival 2015

The combination of obscure venue locations, sophisticated lighting design and diverse programming carved out a strong aesthetic for the festival – Unsound impressed. Big time.

Mix Tape: Inner Surface Music (AnD)

We caught up with production duo AnD to discuss the makings and operations of UK based techno imprint Inner Surface Music. AnD also select a 10 track playlist featuring music from Sunil Sharpe, Eomac, Grey Branches, Yuji Kondo and more.


Production duo worriedaboutsatan discuss the makings of their new album ‘Even Temper’ and share experiences of running their own imprint ‘This Is It Forever’. Their mix delivers over and hour’s worth of industrial textures and brooding atmospherics.

Top Tracks: February 2015

Our monthly playlist compiling the best new music that we’ve listened to over the past month. We’ve included a wide selection of music, which we hope you will enjoy wherever you are.

Stave: After The Social EP

Stave’s ‘After The Social’ EP captures a brutal session of grim beat-rolling, focussing heavily on repetition and noise.

Shifted: Arrangements in Monochrome (Part 1 & 2)

Shifted’s commitment to relentless, uncompromising sound is distinct, and as these EPs prove, the results are thrilling. There is a slight sense that they’re serving as a transition to the next Shifted full length, but their clarity and intensity is a reminder of the potential still held in dark, hard, techno.