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Georgia line up ‘State Effect (Accel)’ LP on OOH-sounds

Following the release of ‘Decouple ][ Series‘ 12-inch in 2018, obscure US-based duo Georgia mark their return to Italian experimental record label OOH-sounds this April with ‘State Effect (Accel)‘ LP.

Video and multimedia engineers by trade, Brian Close and Justin Tripp have been relentless in their attempt to conceive different worlds, sounds and contexts – and how those aspects are represented to listeners.

On their forthcoming album, the duo present a “new kaleidoscopic hyper-music-entity expanding their project in a high-dimensional phase space. A great work of cognitive music mapping that plots all the states of a system — Lovely bubbly HTML.”

Consisting of eight tracks ‘State Effect (Accel)’ makes “extensive use of the vocal participation of Paris/Berlin-based artist/DJ MARYLOU aka OISEAU DANSEUR and Gabi Asfour of visionary NY fashion collective threeASFOUR.”

‘State Effect (Accel)’ is scheduled for release 16 April via OOH-sounds. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Perch View
2. Story Scene
3. Mere Exposure Effect (Custom Aligned)
4. Method of Loci
5. Mental Arena Mode
6. Deployable Mental (Clitic Version)
7. Pure Word Deafness
8. Zipf’s Code