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Premiere: Qnete – Exergy

Under his Qnete moniker, Marvin Uhde has stayed busy since debuting on Drowned Records back in 2014. The Leipzig-based artist has proven himself as a versatile DJ and producer, delivering a steady stream of EPs for underground favourites including 777 Recordings, ZCKR and Lobster Theremin.

His latest EP is a victory lap for X-Kalay following 2019’s ‘Devils In The Dust’. On ‘Club Imagination’, Qnete once again taps into some of the progressive vibes that influenced his last appearance on the label and have begun to creep back into vogue.

However, rather than mining prog territory, A2 sees Uhde in a more whimsical mood. Building slowly, the first half of ‘Exergy’ is a sparse stepper, before heading into the 4/4 terrain that the dancers are holding out for. Throughout, the pads have a rising intonation of sorts, imparting an air of uncertainty to what is, in reality, a calculated dancefloor bomb.

‘Club Imagination’ is scheduled for release 26 February via X-Kalay. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Bleepish Mess
2. Exergy
3. Infinity Index
4. Storytelling