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Legowelt revisits the 90s on ‘U-TRAX 20/21 Vision Mixtape Vol. 2’

Dutch synth wizard Legowelt has compiled the second mixtape for DJ White Delight’s record label U-TRAX.

Operating between 1993 and 1997, the Dutch record label was essentially a tribute to Larry Sherman’s Trax Records – and since the majority of artists on the label were from the Utrecht area, U-TRAX was coined.

U-TRAX now hark back on their back catalogue with a series of mixtapes, inaugurated last December by Detroit-based producer Qmoog presenting the first mixtape, featuring a wealth of music from the 90s.

Legowelt steps up next in March with a 14-track mix (and custom artwork), weaving hypnotic Hi-NRG house with obscure ambient techno and hard electro. Trust us, this mix bangs hard!!

‘U R Here! U-TRAX 20/21 Vision Mixtape Vol. 2’ is scheduled for release 19 March. 


1. Inventions And Diamentions – Serinity (edit)
2. P.A. Presents – Flight Stimulator (video edit)
3. Sonar Base – Sonar Base 6
4. Nuklear Prophet – Doctorz Of Crime
5. The Connection Machine – Echoes From Tau Ceti
6. Tick Trax – Pump Track
7. Sp@sms – Titanic (Underwater Dub)
8. The Connection Machine – Evilish Cosmos
9. Thavius Beck – Reunited With The All
10. Maarten & Tjeerd – Winter
11. Pieces Of A Pensive State Of Mind – Crossin’ The Madmoon (edit)
12. Nuklear Prophet – The Train Ride To Coconino
13. Jo-I – A7
14. w1b0 – Syntax Error

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