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Premiere: Sugar – Bright Side Of The Spoon

Copenhagen producer Sugar lines up ‘Eyes Cream‘, a four-track EP to kick off his freshly coined record label, Perfumery.

Whilst the plan for Perfumery is to release music from the further reaches of the Danish techno mainstay’s tastes, ‘Eyes Cream‘ sees Sugar rush straight for the jugular, delivering four cuts of the incendiary dance music which made the producer his name, releasing for the likes of Euromantic, Fast Forward Productions, and Kulør.

The saccharine-sweet cover manages to succinctly describe the EP as a whole: sweet on the outside, sharp and spiky at heart. Sugar’s lost none of his touch in the years since the Danish techno scene reared up, the maverick creativity of the early days hardened by expertise and drive to a fierce point on the opening track ‘Bright Side Of The Spoon‘. Rasping, tortured synth lines are battered about by the merciless drums which grant the track its strident forward-leaning force, combining two rough-textured elements to create something even more jagged.

Essential weaponry, and with a good purpose too: all proceeds from the EP will go to Sea-Watch, a German organisation aiding migrants in need across the Mediterranean Sea.

‘Eyes Cream’ is scheduled for release 26 February via Perfumery. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Bright Side Of The Spoon
2. Eyes Cream
3. Try Me
4. Once And For No One