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Pulsewidth: X-Kalay

X-Kalay label founder Sam Astbury busts all possible affiliations and putative genre classification to dish out a solar-powered journey across seaside dreamscapes, seesawing acid reliefs and other opulently textured off-piste trails. Warm, soothing, all-round sprightly house vibrations aplenty.

Rudolf C: Synaesthesia

Three releases in and X-Kalay is showing real promise. Pairing fresh faces with a forward thinking house manifesto reminds of the early days of Lobster Theremin, and that is a case that shows how much potential to flourish there is if they keep hitting the mark.

Kask: Periferia

Periferia ultimately satisfies and leaves you begging for more. A delicious juxtaposition that bodes well for the fledgling X-Kalay imprint.