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Premiere: Aquarium – Floating

Following on from a flock of choice releases by Kask, Pearl River Sound, Rudolf C and Seixlack, X-Kalay keep up with their impressive momentum and inaugurate a fresh new branch to the label, the inviting Silver Lake. First in line, Tokyo-based producer Aquarium steps up with a contemplative 5-tracker that should hit the shelves on 14th October 2016.

Our first introduction to the delicate work of Japanese artist Aquarium came in 2015 with ‘Midnight At The Tokyo Central‘, his wonderful debut for Manchester’s Natural Sciences, followed this year by an excellent tape album on the newcoming Coastal Haze. With ‘Luxury Water Jewels‘, Aquarium delivers yet another dazzlingly beautiful slice of finespun ambient-scaping and hypersensitive organic impressionism.

Drawing its matter from an opulent pool of field-recordings, ‘Floating‘ transports you to an emerald lagoon lost in the middle of a paradisiac islet. From its bright surface deep-down its more secret nooks, the nature’s flamboyant aura whelms everything in its wake. Transcribing the Japanese concept of ‘mono no aware‘ (“an empathy toward things” or “a sensitivity to ephemera“) into a stately mix of porcelain-fragile piano notes, trickling water and ravishing birdsongs, this one’s a trip for the senses. Sublime.

Luxury Water Jewels is released via X-Kalay on 14th October.


A1. Floating
A2. Swimming
A3. Planet Aquarium (Outro)
B1. Sandalwood
B2. Water And Sunshine

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