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Premiere: FYI Chris – Nightmare

Back in business with the second volume of their VA series initiated two years ago, ‘A Throng Of Orbs‘, London-based imprint Ears Have Eyes Recordings have gleaned four cuts from South-London talents to give birth to this new instalment. Featuring contributions from Murun B & Ivor E, Nick Araguay, The Soft and FYI Chris, the compilation is scheduled for landing on 10th October.

Sheer products of the Rye Wax – Peckham connection, the two Chris’s (Watson and Coupe) have exploded on a broader level with their debut outing on Church two years ago, before confirming their upward trajectory with a compelling follow-up for Bradley Zero’s local affair Rhythm Section.

Rich of the same sense for low-slung analogue house jams, Chris & Chris’ acid-drenched roller ‘Nightmare‘ lets loose with a menacing vibe, 303 lines swashing relentlessly whilst metallic hi-hats tinkle like pans and pots. Imagine Josh Wink and Armando jamming in the kitchen, drawing a heavy, malevolent basement tune out of hardware and cuisine instruments in equal measure. More dark chocolate fudge than pink velvet cupcake definitely.

A Throng of Orbs Vol.2 is released on 10th October, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. FYI Chris – Nightmare
A2. Nick Araguay – Crary
B1. Murun B & Ivor E – Cousin Rossiter
B2. The Soft – Mortality Loops

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