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Premiere: Andy Garvey – This Silence Is False (Tred Remix)

X-Kalay ready their next 12-inch from Australian talent Andy Garvey, delivering her ‘More Than Meets The Eye‘ – a robust 4-track EP, featuring a 150bpm remix from Berlin-based producer Tred.

You can’t fix what isn’t broken, and this seems to be Tred’s approach to the remix, which lifts the golden moments of Garvey’s original and places them on an altar, in particular the ascendant acid line that elevates the original material above much of the electro being put out of late.

While Tred’s version of ‘This Silence is False‘ keeps faithful to the original’s winning acid formula – there the resemblance stops. With an apparent ear for producing some top-notch super-fast techno material, Tred picks up the pace considerably, to around 160bpm.

The frantic adjustment of pace is given room to breathe in the first half, before devolving into pure mayhem for the second — now comes the acid, and slowly built atmosphere falls apart in revelry as the track races to the finish.

‘More Than Meets The Eye’ is scheduled for release 26 October via X-Kalay. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. More Than Meets the Eye
2. This Silence is False
3. Double Planetoid
4. This Silence is False (Tred Remix)