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Good Genes release second mix tape ‘Solaris to Panthalassa’

Following their excellent debut release ‘All Watched Over From The Clouds By Loving Grace‘, London-based collective and tape-only outlet Good Genes return with their second instalment ‘Solaris to Panthalassa‘, a superb double-sided mixtape courtesy of Firecracker label boss Lindsay Todd under his House of Traps guise for the A side while Good Genes co-founder Ali himself takes care of the flip.

House of Traps’ 45-minute audio journey makes for a majestic odyssey through abysmal-deep scapes, drifting from field-recordings-laden sequences to a febrile organic spectrum reminiscent of Edward Artemiev’s ‘Stalker‘ soundtrack. An absolute wonder of sound design and arrangements to say the least.

On the B side, Ali beefs it up with a groovier touch, fleshing out a thundering instrumental ruckus with some tribal psychedelia. Blending drum-loaded phases and noisey guitar riffs in a boiling hotchpotch or collating distorted Japanese folk songs and afrobeat percussions in a raw, chaos-inducing dash, the GG resident nails it hard.

Solaris to Panthalassa is out now, head over to their Facebook page for more info.


Side A. House Of Traps’ Mootleg Mix
Side B. Ali’s Instruments Mix

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