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Healing Force Project releases ‘Drifted Entities [Vol. 2]’ on Beat Machine Records

Following our track premiere earlier this month, today marks the release of ‘Drifted Entities Vol. 2‘, the second instalment from Italian sound collagist Healing Force Project.

Whilst ‘Vol. 1’ had a dub-wise expanse between the primordial space-grooves, ‘Vol. 2‘ provides a celestial blend of abstract jazz, trip-hop and drum-heavy trance-inducing music. Our pick, ‘It’s Your Brain Food‘, evokes sultry jazz and raw percussion, liquid pads and acidic sequences create a downtempo aura.

‘Drifted Entities Vol. 2’ is out now via Beat Machine Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Future Space Exploration
A2. Adrift In The Stratosphere
A3. Vehicular Activity
B1. Thinking Outside The Box
B2. It’s Your Brain Food