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Inverted Audio launch event series: Young Male (live) at Bussey Building

Following our series of intimate electronica events in London (2011 – 2013), Inverted Audio announce a new series of events focused on the darker realms of experimental electronic music and visual installations at the Bussey Building in Peckham.

Each edition of the series will feature a headliner whom Inverted Audio truly regards as a bastion to our musical taste. All artists will play live or vinyl and each event will feature bespoke audiovisual installations, shaping an atmospheric setting of multi-sensory stimulation.

Our first guest is White Material‘s Young Male, co-founder of the New York-based imprint along with now Berlin-expatriated DJ Richard. Following his most recent London appearance at Corsica Studios last year, the Brooklyn resident will grace us with a very special live set.


From astonishing onsets that marked the label’s stratospheric ascension, releasing music from only a core of close friends including Galcher LustwerkMorgan Louis and Alvin Aronson, the White Material crew took its time before resurfacing with a serious tech-house treat from Louis a couple of months back.

With further club-incendiary business scheduled for release in the coming months, the NY crew is going to dispense its “Working Man’s Techno” with impactful outrageousness. Bussey is about to get busy.

Inverted Audio founder and editor-in-chief Antepop will warm up each night offering a choice selection of techno and house music that fuels Inverted Audio. London based vinyl only deejay Ursula will be focusing on deep atmospheric techno. Closing the night is our in-house audio / visual maestro Em Ju Es Aj Si playing full throttle techno till end.

London-based visual artist Matilda Skelton Mace will be installing her light sculptures at Bussey, encompassing psychedelic databending and photographic collage, connecting with the music to create a magnetic audiovisual experience.

Each event will take place on the second floor of the Bussey Building in Peckham (400 capacity max), boasting a stripped back NYC warehouse environment, alongside a newly optimised Opus sound system.