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Jean-Louis Huhta lines up ‘Wormhole Of Time’ archive album and ‘zine on Organic Analogue

Swedish analog techno producer Jean-Louis Huhta aka Dungeon Acid has announced the forthcoming release of a 13-track double LP and ‘zine named ‘Wormhole Of Time‘ via Organic Analogue, consisting of unreleased cuts and long out-of-print jams spanning the producers many aliases.

Slated for release in September, the album is presented with artwork by Swedish graffiti artist Nug and comes with a zine featuring photographs and an interview reflecting on Huhta’s multifarious life in music. Swipe through the gallery above to view samples from the ‘zine.

“Classic tracks such as ‘The Art Of Peace’ and ‘Homeworld’ (released as Kozmic Niggah on Hybrid in ‘96) sit alongside freshly unearthed Dr. Nobody tracks (he used the alias once for a timeless Svek 12” in ‘97). All three songs from circa-2000 10” Viva La Differenze! get a fresh airing here, but the reissued tracks are balanced out by plenty of exclusive material sourced from tapes and DATs.”

‘Wormhole Of Time’ is scheduled for release 13 September via Organic Analogue Records. Order a copy from Juno


1. Jean-Louis Huhta – Viva La Differenze! + Razzillian Ruzzodox
2. Kozmic Niggah – The Art Of Peace (Edit)
3. Jean-Louis Huhta – Z.O.N.E
4. Jean-Louis Huhta – Zoat Zingo
5. Jean-Louis Huhta – PROJECTION
6. Kozmic Niggah – Theme from the surreal estate
7. Dr. Nobody – Untitled
8. Kozmic Niggah – Homeworld (Edit)
9. Dr. Nobody – Moonlight
10. Attack_Decay – Bladerunner02
11. Kozmic Niggah – Alt QuadPhunk
12. Jean-Louis Huhta – Marja-Liisa
13. Jean-Louis Huhta – 101.202.606.R8 (Digi Bonus)