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John Gürtler & Jan Miserre line up ‘A Pure Place’ OST on Counterchange

John Gürtler and Jan Miserre have collaborated to score an original soundtrack for ‘A Pure Place’ – a dystopian tragicomedy about a mysterious cult, directed by acclaimed film maker Nikias Chryssos.

The film centres on two young siblings who live in a secret community on a remote Greek island, isolated from the rest of the world, which they consider impure and dangerous.

Scheduled for release in November via experimental techno outlet Counterchange, ‘A Pure Place’ consists of twelve tracks spanning shamanic ambient, electro-acoustic, 70’s disco and psychedelia.

Gürtler and Miserre employed an array of instruments to write the score including; Persian sheep bells, Chinese sheng, prepared trombone, quarter-tone piano, a beaten-up cembalo, hand percussion, and a room full of synthesizers. The soundtrack also features a track from acclaimed British producer Shackleton.

Chryssos praised Gürtler for his intense work on the film’s score. “He got so into it. I was happy every day that I visited his studio in Berlin. He showed me all the strange instruments they used. They would record at night in the staircase to get some weird reverb effects. He really did a great job constructing the music for this film.”

‘A Pure Place’ is scheduled for release 26 November via Counterchange. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ritual Bells
2. The Island
3. Fust’s song
4. Erotica
5. Purification
6. A Glimpse Of The Other Side
7. Fust’s Song (Shackleton’s Original Version)
8. Athens
9. Small Doses
10. Holy Soap
11. Irina Takes Over
12. Gatoula Mou Mikri (Ft. Maroulita de Kol)