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Khotin lines up ‘Finds You Well’ LP on Ghostly International

Following their reissue of ‘Beautiful You‘ in April 2019, Canadian dreamscape producer Khotin steps up this September to release his first full-length via Ghostly International.

Made up of ten tracks, ‘Finds You Well‘ ventures through downtempo and ambient tonalities, offering “a fluid continuation of his blissful and melancholic song craft” – according to the press release “the phrase has haunted the producer for some time. Most often seen at the start of correspondence, the words “I hope this email finds you well” can land with varying levels of sincerity, depending on context and mood.”

‘Finds You Well’ is scheduled for release 25 September. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Processing
2. Ivory Tower
3. Heavyball
4. Groove 32
5. Outside In The Light
6. Lucky Egg
7. WEM Lagoon Jump
8. Your Favourite Building
9. Shopping List
10. My Toan