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Premiere: Idil Abla – Bumble

Berlin-based music school Open Music Lab line up a seven-track compilation named ‘Redox‘, featuring works from students participating at the Neukölln institution. OML is a non-profit community school providing free electronic music workshops for refugees and persons from marginalised groups.

The digital only release explores an array of styles and we’ve selected Idil Abla‘s techno track ‘Bumble’ as our premiere. The Istanbul native’s input to the compilation is techno instilled with a heavy forward lean — although the initial bars show some restraint, this quickly pares into a driving assault on the senses. Abla’s input shows a technical ability to balance energy throughout the track, with syncopated atmospherics and white noise darts work together throughout the latter half to keep the energy levels elevated.

‘Redox’ is scheduled for release 14 August. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Freya van Husen – Voladora
2. Gotopo – Silencio
3. Inda.wood – Libre
4. Maret – Liz
5. MINQ – Five
6. morphena – C1B3RT3K
7. Idil Abla – Bumble