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Koreless returns to Young with ‘Black Rainbow / Moonlight’

Having lain dormant for the past six years, today Lewis Roberts marks his return as Koreless to Young, (fka Young Turks), with the release of a limited edition 10-inch named ‘Black Rainbow / Moonlight‘.

With just five solo releases to his name, Koreless remains one of those intriguing artists on our radar, so when a new record drops out of nowhere, you can be confident that it’s worth your attention.

Delivering two crystalline productions, ‘Black Rainbow‘ elevates listeners into the hyper realms of trance, glistening with a euphoric atmosphere. On the flip, ‘Moonlight‘ explores electro-acoustic tonalities, gently bringing listeners back down to the ground.

‘Black Rainbow / Moonlight’ is out now via Youngs. Order a copy from Boomkat


1. Black Rainbow
2. Moonlight

Koreless Black