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Christian Löffler

Christian Löffler serves up a deep mix featuring Pantha Du Prince, Ripperton, WhoMadeWho and discusses his new album ‘Mare’, released via Ki Records. He also speaks up about his upcoming audio-visual live show for Avant Garde in London.

Christian Löffler Mix Tape: Young Alaska

We caught up with Christian Löffler to discover what exactly helped shape his new album ‘Young Alaska’ and how he compares it with his previous album ‘A Forest’. Christian has also compiled a 10 track downtempo mix tape featuring music from colo, Daughter, Dave DK, Rumpistol, Kiasmos and more.

Christian Löffler: Young Alaska

For all those new to his work who are fans of Traum, Kompakt and the likes of Rone, Max Cooper and the aforementioned ivory tinklers – this comes thoroughly recommended too.


Ahead of the release of colo’s album “UR” on Ki Records, home of Christian Löffler and Monokle, we sat down with the London based production duo to discuss the makings of the album and their musical heritage.


Monokle is the alias of Vlad Kudryavtsev, a musician and producer from St Petersburg, Russia. Monokle has been releasing his own blend of downtempo electronica since 2006,
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Christian Löffler: A Forest

Christian Löffler has a certain arboreal obsession permeating his music. From his stunning “Aspen” single that caught our ears earlier this year, named for “a certain
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Steffen Kirchhoff

Steffen Kirchhoff is a musician throughout. At an early age he learned to play the guitar and performed in his school band. Later, he came in
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