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Jun Kamoda: The Clay EP

This is by no means a shy debut and Kamoda has clearly sought to embody the friendly, funky and hedonistic fervour of a Mister Saturday/Sunday party with three full on bangers all at peak time tempos.

People Make Glasgow: General Ludd

In a city which is ultimately built upon the success of self expression, individuality and culture, Alasdair King spoke to a few of those involved in the scene who told him why Glasgow is the way it is.

Nathan Melja

In the wake of his first two releases for Mister Saturday Night and Opal Tapes’ offshoot Black Opal, rising French producer Nathan Melja serves up a solid 45 minute mix of twisted hip-hop breaks, bouncy house and dusty techno grooves.

Nebraska: Stand Your Ground

After a four year hiatus Ali Gibbs returns under his Nebraska moniker dropping not one but two platters of sun-streaked material that should enchant many summer parties out there.

General Ludd: The Fit of Passion EP

The Fit of Passion EP is at once an exercise in indulgent rhythmic experimentalism for the heads, and a pair of versatile floor-fillers for the punters. Highly recommended.