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Route 8

Ahead of his performance at Found Festival, Route 8 taped his first ever vinyl-only podcast for Inverted Audio, gracing us with a strong mixture of jaunty filtered house and extended ambientish blends. We sat down with Horváth to talk Hungarian scene, studio modus operandi and his impressive upward trajectory.

Best Tracks of 2015

It’s this time of the year again: Best of lists are back! You hate them, right? Well, don’t be such a grinch. This best tracks list’s only purpose is to dispense a tiny dose of what’s been, once again, a brilliant year for musical creation, with plenty more than just dozens of top-notch EPs and albums.

Moodcut: Tame Cats EP

Tame Cats represents everything one should love about this new wave of producers that keeps breaking from everywhere on the planet because that plate definitely encapsulates house music’s most essential soulfulness


George Mavrikos, label founder of Nous, talks us through the roots of the imprint and the label’s vision. Jose Rico of Downbeat Records takes the reigns for the mix, as he’s one of the artists scheduled to release an EP with Nous later this year.