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Berceuse Heroique & Nous unveil ‘Nous Heroique’ EP

To celebrate Amsterdam Dance Event 2014, Berceuse Heroique and Nous have teamed up for a little something special with the release of ‘Nous Heroique‘, a split EP showcasing both recent additions to their roster: Healing Force Project for the BH side and Willis Anne for the Nous one.

The result is a hard-hitting two-track platter of filthy house and dusty beats that sounds just as raw as expected. With ‘Cloak Device‘, Healing Force Projects takes you on a mental safari, descending into acid unsuspected depths without any flashlight to clear up the path. On the flip side Willis Anne turns off the druggy plugins to deliver a rather compelling example of his skills with ‘The C Track‘, blending together classic-house motifs with some of his very own intricate drum patterns and lazy synth lines.

The plate has already been made available during ADE at the Rush Hour store and will be popping up in selected record stores from 26th October onwards. Grab it while you can.


A1. Healing Force Project – ‘Cloak Device’ (BH Side)
B1. Willis Anne – The C Track (Nous Side)

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