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LAN Present ‘Live In My Room #03’ with Daxyl

LAN aka Live Act Night is a Berlin based electronic music live acts promoter. LAN have showcased events with Willis Anne, Steve Summers, Florian Kupfer, Le Matin, Alienata, Sean Dixon, Soren Miehe, Lenzian Kowski, Yerp Prey, Philipp Melon, Evergreen and more.

LAN also produce a series of live act shows that take place in the bedroom of the chosen artist. In their latest ‘Live In My Room’ video, production duo Daxyl, made up of Jean Redondo and Sebastien Michel, serve up 8 minutes of their live set, which can be downloaded and streamed on Soundcloud.

Inverted Audio is in partnership with LAN, expect more events, downloads and videos, which can all be viewed on the LAN partner page.

Photo by LAN