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Lawrence & Carsten Jost detail three-part DIAL 2020 compilation

Following the release of Soela’s ‘Genuine Silk‘ LP in April, Dial co-founders Lawrence and Carsten Jost have announced the release of DIAL 2020 – a three-part various artist compilation celebrating 20 years of the revered German imprint.

Scheduled for release in May, Part One features six suitably deep contributions from Lanoche, Molly, XDB, Joey Anderson, Mary Yalex and Sohrab aka DDrhode. Part Two and Part Three are expected to drop in the summer and fall.

All three compilations will be available primarily in digital format, with a vinyl box set edition dropping later in 2020. Additionally a Dial book will be published in the fall, documenting the visual escapades of the label.

‘Dial 2020 – Part One’ is scheduled for release 22 May.

Photo by Rob Kulisek
Cover artwork by Marina Faust


1. Lanoche – Caress
2. Molly – Conspiracy
3. XDB – Ruby Nights
4. Joey Anderson – A Moon Fell On Me
5. Mary Yalex -Cosmic Garden
6. DDrhode – Ghoroob (Mystical Rhythm)

Dial 2020 Pt. 1 (c) Marina Faust 2000px