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Leafar Legov releases debut album ‘Mirror’ on Giegling

Giegling mainstay Leafar Legov will release his first ever album ‘Mirror‘ in April showering listeners with 12-tracks of impeccably produced, emotionally charged and dreamlike music.

Rafael Vogel has patiently amassed a loyal following of listeners, besotted with his heart strung strain of leftfield ambient and house. Fans have been eagerly anticipating an album from the humble producer for years, and now faced with a global pandemic, Legov steps up to present ‘Mirror‘.

After an initial listen it seems that the wait has been worth it, highlights include ‘Fade‘, ‘In Your Mirror‘, ‘Hidden Treasure’, ‘Mit Dir‘ and ‘The Slip‘. Rips of the album can be streamed via YouTube, but since you’re reading this, we expect you’ve already ordered it.

‘Mirror’ LP is out now in digital format, vinyl is expected to ship 20 April. Order a copy from Giegling.


1. Into
2. Wave
3. Fade
4. Abbas
5. In Your Mirror
6. Hidden Treasure
7. Fly
8. Hyyde
9. Mit Dir
10. Sardegna
11. The Slip
12. Stay