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Levon Vincent gives away third album ‘World Order Music’

To celebrate the release of his third album, Levon Vincent is kindly giving away ‘World Order Music‘ via WeTransfer (download expires 28 November).

Produced in Berlin and spread over eleven tracks, ‘World Order Music‘ is said to continue and expand on Levon’s explorations into New York’s rich house continuum, juxtaposed with NYC minimalist composers like Steve Reich or La Monte Young, plus a nod to the UK’s golden age of rave.

“World Order Music is the sound of having fun, enjoying life, expressing myself through music, exploring new rhythmic ideas, unloading emotional turmoil, living with optimism, all the good stuff! If I had to pinpoint some kind of concept, it would involve combining euphoric dance sounds with techniques pioneered by the older minimalist composers. This LP was written while traveling around playing for sweat-drenched dance floors, watching Brexit unfold, listening to old house music, and spending days in the studio with my cat.”

Die hard fans can purchase the album in triple vinyl format at Phonica.

Photo by Tom Durston


1. Kiss Marry Kill
2. Flowers For Algernon
3. World Order Music
4. Reverse Stockholm Syndrome
5. The Vampire Lestat
6. She Likes To Wave To Passing Boats
7. Ratios III
8. Opening
9. And It Don’t Change
10. Diane Fossey
11. Back To The Grind

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