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Premiere: Sordid Sound System – It’s About Time

You know things are about to get infectiously funky when Invisible Inc.‘s number one goods provider Stu Evans, alias Sordid Sound System, returns to the home base with some unknown planet-excavated jams, gathered during one of his cross-dimensional excursions into the solar system and much farther beyond.

Fresh off a split 12″ for French label Global Warming Records with Sutja Gutiérrez, Evans returns with his sophomore mini-album ‘Cape Perpetua‘, featuring Eva Geist and Sascha Funke as guests of choice. The result defies conventions, even by SSS’s genre-busting standards, as it conjures up images of a distant world, draped in psychedelic shrouds and colour-shifting volutes of sound.

Lifted from that much tasty assortment of equally dancey and trippy dancefloor burners, B-side’s Middle-Eastern folk-infused ‘It’s About Time‘ eases us into a realm of “afro-tinted psychedelic surf punk” – the very kind of tune to open your chakras to a whole new world of sensations and reminiscences. Let loose of your earthly baggages and leave your fleshly envelope for a moment of pure-spirit boogie.

Cape Perpetua is released via Invisible Inc. on 22nd November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Cape Perpetua
A2. Cape Perpetua (Sascha Funke Remix)
B1. It’s About Time
B2. Pneumonia Gulch
B3. See You On The Other Side (feat. Eva Geist)

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