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Premiere: Varg2™ & Croatian Amor – God’s Face in the Fire

Posh Isolation line up ‘Body of Carbon’, a collaborative piece by label co-founder Croatian Amor and (freshly renamed) Varg2™. The 4-track represents both a continuation of the pair’s work together, and a divergence from it.

Picking up from ‘Body of Water’, a cassette released by Posh Isolation in April 2018, the latest cut bears auditory hallmarks of both Varg2™ and CA, but here can be drawn a line in the sand: ‘Water’ was “a celebration of the myth of brilliant summers”, lush and plump with the taste of reminiscence; ‘Carbon’ takes a darker mantle, binding together roguish rave elementals with fast-paced danger.

EP closer ‘God’s Face in the Fire‘ is our pick of the bunch, packing just as much energy as the heavyweight title track with an added dose of cinematic flair that elevates it to a new level. The mood is set instantly, with peripheral sounds converging around a pulse-beep centre point, accumulating tension. The listener rapidly becomes aware they have no control of the vehicle, but before action can be taken raucous drum patterns shatter the windows. These frantic breaks form the skeleton of the track, shaped about a persistent, droning bassline and brought to life by light-touch atmospherics.

Polished off with a far-off airhorn sample, the dance-floor acts as both a pleasant memory and a melancholic home for this rave-ready piece. A better gateway to winter — and a sharper turn away from the previous record — is difficult to imagine.

“Body of Carbon” is set for release 29 November via Posh Isolation. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Body of Carbon
2. God’s Face in the Water
3. Tell Your Tale to the River
4. God’s Face in the Fire

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