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Lima thrusts into overdrive on this week’s Newtype Rhythms

Glasgow’s relationship with dance music has been well-documented with its breadth of DJs and producers that have come from the city, proving over time that its talent pool is only getting more intriguing as time keeps on chugging along. When it comes to the sounds of Lima, that signature Glaswegian flex on rhythmic intensity gets even more pronounced.

With releases on labels such as Super Kitchen and most recently on NKC’s Even The Strong, it’s no secret that thwacking percussion comes quite naturally from the get-go, but when it came to his addition towards the pantheon of Newtype Rhythms guest mixes, it went in a direction that was equal parts surprising and scintillating.

In Lima’s guest mix, the narrative thrust towards a sound that is as timeless as it is momentous – as artists like Carl Craig, Jeff Robens, Mark V and Neil Landstrumm are represented here; a time capsule of techno that was driving, elevating and expansive not so very long ago.

Whilst there are some definite bassy surprises in this mix, the standout selections from this enigmatic producer here provide an audible path towards one of the most immersive episodes of our sister series yet. Check out Lima’s mix at 46 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up per usual.

FYI – There is no track list for this episode, for track IDs please comment on Soundcloud.

00:00 – 45:50 – Mixed by Sheepshead

46:08 – END – Mixed by Lima