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Listen back to Chloe Frieda’s Extraterrestrial Electro mix on Newtype Rhythms

The latest episode of our sister mix series features a transmission from Chloe Frieda – head of the London-based record label and eponymous NTS Radio show, Alien Jams.

Never one to venture away from sounds that orbit within the realms of the extraordinary, Chloe approaches her DJ sets in a similar fashion to which sounds she highlights on the label — with artists like Beatrice Dillon, Karen Gwyer and Nochexxx providing texturally distinct compositions that balance comfortably between introspective thought and extroversive dancefloor approachability.

That balance is evident on a wider scale within her mix for Newtype Rhythms – with tracks from Der Zyklus, Helena Hauff and Marie Davidson providing a rigid and robust path towards an electrolytic mix of extraterrestrial goodness. Check out her right at the 40-minute mark, with resident Sheepshead starting things off.


00:00-39:59 – mixed by Sheepshead

01. Soramimi – Stellium In Sapphire
02. Ciarra Black – Chemical Burn
03. Inga Mauer – Dystopia
04. Pris – Whatever’s Left To Say
05. Forest Drive West – Persistence Of Memory 02
06. Caldera – Switch
07. Pearson Sound – Heal Me
08. Sven Weisemann – Icaria
09. Batu – Off Court
10. Barker & Baumecker – Trafo

40:00 – END – mixed by Chloe Frieda

01. Alek Stark – RMB 56
02. Marie Davidson – Exces de Vitesse
03. Experimental Products – Streetwalk
04. Helena Hauff – Btdr1123
05. Nummer – Work It
06. Golden Teacher – Cedar Eels
07. E.Myers – Taps
08. ITPDWIP – Haguenesse Wind
09. Der Zyklus – Elektronisches Zeitecho
10. Raica – Watr Dragn
11. Irsol – Before Breakfast
12. Manie Sans Delire – Your Navigation
13. NOCHEXXX – Switch Countach

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