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Premiere: Die Orangen – Metal Man

Off the beaten track straight onto cosmo-telluric avenues and otherworldly tribal realms, Die Orangen deftly steers clear of all tedious classification and prosaic schemes. Out-of-body travelling into the great nothing through off-road sonic distortions and bizarre arrhythmic constructions, Kris Baha and Dreems return to Malka Tuti with their debut album ‘Zest‘, following up to their promising breakthrough EP ‘Oodnadatta Rain‘, released last year.

Streaming in full through our channels today, ‘Metal Man‘ showcases the Australian pair’s unique blend of Kraut, folk music and spoken-word, weaving a mystique-imbued narrative that’s just as enigmatic as it is trance-inducing. Let your mind swirl and dance in this dense fog of spirituality and supernaturalness, where the eyes can’t see but the soul speaks free.

Zest is released via Malka Tuti on 4th September, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. Museum Of Old & New Art
A2. To The Top Of Glouscester
B1. Mersey River
B2. Mount Macedon
B3. Metal Man
C1. Yaranabe
C2. One Day In Brunswick
D1. Lost In The Centre (feat. Hayley Morgan)
D2. Toolangi
D3. Parkes Observatory

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