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Listen back to Eomac’s entropic guest mix for Newtype Rhythms

It was only a matter of time before Eomac showed back up on Inverted Audio. After a spectacular 2016, which featured the release of his excellent Bedouin Trax LP on Bedouin Records, as well as the successful launch of his own label Eotrax, the Berlin-based / Irish-born producer spent 2017 cultivating new shapes and sounds on the label, beginning with a bold debut from Irish producer LAIR, which we premiered back in June.

On 29th September 2017 he’ll add another worthy addition to the Eotrax catalogue. This time with his frequent collaborator Dara Smith as the venerable duo Lakker. After two albums for the legendary R&S label, the experimental duo decide to do what they do best with their forthcoming Eris Harmonia EP by exploring the uncertain and give sonic weight to worldwide culture as a whole. Heavy stuff, yes…but this is Lakker and giving an audible tangibility to that weight is what they do best.

The same goes with Eomac’s mix for our sister podcast series on Newtype Rhythms, in which he serves up a transfixing mix of emotive and cathartic moments with nary a moment to collect one’s self for any extraneous thought. Meditative yet methodical, this mix is classic Eomac mining the dance for mind-expanding energies that reach farther than a typical club night. His mix starts at around 49:30, with resident Sheepshead starting off with new bits from Aquarian, Deapmash, Peder Mannerfelt and more.

  • Photo by Alfonso Chavez-Lujan


00:00-49:29 – Mixed by Sheepshead

01. Biosphere – In Good Case And Rest
02. Airhead – Antipolo
03. Randomer – Foghorn
04. Peder Mannerfelt – Stream of Time
05. Aquarian & Deapmash – ???
06. Kowton – Iodine
07. Beatrice Dillon & Call Super – Inkjet
08. Celestial Trax – Godless
09. Stranger – Learning Curve
10. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Macht Des Schicksals (Inland Version)
11. Pessimist – Peter Hutchins
12. Surgeon – Convenience Trap, Pt. 4
13. Kid Unknown – Nightmare

49:30 – END – Mixed by Eomac

01. Kuzma Palkin – 01-10-EV
02. A Sagittarian – Stingray
03. Hodge – Joe Likes To Dance
04. Boxwork – Pepper Stalk
05. Gunnar Haslam – Kalapuyan
06. Pinch – Retribution
07. Nene Hatun – Garip
08. Itinerant Dubs – Jack The Dub
09. Lena Platonos – Lego (Avalon Emerson Remix)
10. Sciahri – Shambles
11. Second Storey – Ajunlei 8
12. Mosca – Don’t Take This The Wrong Way
13. Sendai – Inverse Array 1
14. Talker – Gold Standard
15. Aphex Twin – Isoprophlex
16. Domenico Crisci – Urban Tribes
17. Rory St. John – Suicidechain
18. TML – Cold Sleep
19. HATE – Cunning Love
20. Autechre – Vietrmx
21. Burial – Kindred

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