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Listen back to Inverted Audio on Netil Radio – September 2020

September means another month of Inverted Audio on Netil Radio, brought to you by our host Freddie Hudson.

The show featured some of our recently featured content, including the opening track from Phew’s latest album on Disciples (listen to her recent podcast), a cut from the new Further Reductions on Knekelhuis, and a sneak peek at Ambien Baby’s next record on NAFF.

The latter half of the show is turned over to some of the freshest new and forthcoming techno and rave music, such as UFO95’s upcoming release via Mama Told Ya, Marcus L’s debut on Intrepid Skin, plus a track from Gareth Wild’s debut release on FOLD Records. Additionally, we’d like to send our apologies to Mama Told Ya boss Anetha, for the incorrect shout out.

Tune in to our next broadcast on 4 October 2020, 16:00 – 18:00 BST.


1. Phew – The Very Ears of Morning [Disciples]
2. John Beige – Hydrocution [Global Warming]
3. Varuna – Ratu [Forthcoming Delsin Mantis]
4. Further Reductions – Only In My Mind [Knekelhuis]
5. Pretty Sneaky – 3 [Mana]
6. Seekersinternational – Who Fiya Shot? [Never Sleep]
7. Manonmars – 4Eva [Forthcoming Young Echo]
8. Critical Amnesia – 0SNS.B₂ [XQP?]
9. Maarja Nuut & Ruum – World Inverted [Ounaviks]
10. DJ Uijui – Every [Forthcoming Cold Blow]
11. Scuba & Felsen – Speed This MF Up [Hotflush]
12. Doctor Jeep – Acolyte [SPE:C]
13. BNJMN – Hypnagogia Part 2 (Efdemin Remix) [Delsin]
14. Ambien Baby – Aventura (feat. Priori) [Forthcoming NAFF Records]
15. Salomo – Vault [SNC]
16. Black Merlin – MOD IK [Bitta]
17. Keplrr – Esoteric Functions Control Freak Recordings]
18. VC-118A – Plonk [Forthcoming Delsin]
19. Voin Oruwu – Liquid Life Form [Corridor Audio]
20. Priori / RED – Red 3 [Garmo]
21. Héctor Oaks – Horoom Reclusion [Bassiani]
22. Gareth Wild – Saturn Storm [Forthcoming FOLD]
23. Obwigszyh – Only Loud (feat. Ketten) [EXILES]
24. Moloch Horridus (fka Tred) – Exiles of a Memory [Forthcoming Amniote Editions]
25. Lara Sarkassian – Fortress in the Clouds [Forthcoming Sisters of Sound]
26. DSG – Sweet Ain’t So Sweet Without The Bitter [Palais de Danse]
27. Marcus L – P is for Phycho [Forthcoming Intrepid Skin]
28. UFO95 – On/Offline (Feat. Anetha) [Forthcoming Mama Told Ya]
29. Andy Garvey – This Silence Is False (Tred Remix) [Forthcoming X-Kalay]
30. Regina Leather – Industrial Collapse [VOAM]
31. Piezo – Rowina [Hundebiss]
32. Vague Imaginaires – Deep Blue [12th Isle]