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Listen back to Inverted Audio on Netil Radio with Freddie Hudson

Sunday 6 October marked the inaugural broadcast of the Inverted Audio residency on Netil Radio. For the occasion, staff writer Freddie Hudson assembled a two-hour show of music recently out, or on the cusp of being released.

Starting off with dream-world ambient from Andrew Pekler and Simo Cell, the pace builds through the smoked-out worlds of Tolouse Low Trax and Christopher Rau to fever-pitch techno from Fast Forward’s Ezy, and the latest from Wata Igarashi.

The show takes a slightly more in-depth view of a couple of select records, including Sleep D’s diverse forthcoming album on Anthony Naples’ Incienso label, Fugal’s upcoming techno 12″ for Acronym’s Stilla Ton, and a special premiere of the upcoming AQXDM (Aquarian and Deapmash) release on Houndstooth.

Our next Netil Radio broadcast is on Sunday 3 November (16:00 – 18:00 GMT). Send us your music, preferably a link to stream and download, via the form below.


1. Andrew Pekler – Hy Brasil  (forthcoming Faitiche)
2. Ben Buitendijk – Head in the Clouds (Indigo aera)
3. Simo Cell – World3 (forthcoming Fragil)
4. Wanderwelle – Before The Rain (forthcoming Semantica)
5. Sebastian Melmoth – The Engineering of Consent (Artificial Dance)
6. Natural/electronic system – Scirocco (forthcoming Tikita)
7. Alex Epton – 3OHA (Buttechno remix)
8. Tolouse Low Trax – Sketches of a Destroyed Meadow (Emotional Response)
9. Newworldaquarium – The Force (Delsin repress)
10. Natural/Electronic System – Libeccio (forthcoming Tikita)
11. Barker – Gradients of Bliss (Ostgut-Ton)
12. Kangding Ray – Trade on Azure (ARA)
13. Bas Dobbelaer – Coincidence (forthcoming Appian Sounds)
14. Even Tuell – Highway Daydreams (Workshop)
15. Sleep D – Morning Sequence ft. Kuniyuki  (forthcoming Incienso)
16. Christopher Rau – MDP (Rixdorf Jams)
17. 100hz – Whisper (Mint Condition repress)
18. Sleep D – Pearlescent Sunrise (forthcoming Incienso)
19. Special Request – 237,0000 Miles  (forthcoming Houdstooth)
20. Fugal – Bloom (forthcoming Stilla Ton)
21. Pollaar – Bonucci Unit (Shaw Cuts)
22. Fugal – Soleil (forthcoming Stilla Ton)
23. AQXDM – Infrared (forthcoming Houndstooth)
24. Aurora Halal – Eteneral Blue (Wata Igarashi crossing remix)
25. Ezy – First They Came For Our Brothers (FastForward Productions)
26. Sansibar – Satellites (forthcoming FTP)
27. AQXDM – The Good Old Days Are Tomorrow (forthcoming Houndstooth)