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Listen back to Inverted Audio x Alien Jams with Chloe Frieda & Antepop

This month for our Balamii residency we invited London based deejay and label owner Chloe Frieda down to the studio to share insight into her experimental record label Alien Jams.

Established in 2014, Chloe Frieda’s acute curation of Alien Jams has proved that she has a knack of finding and pushing eccentric, off kilter and stunningly unique electronic music. Releases include Ommm, Design a Wave, Marreck, Karen Gwyer & Beatrice Dillon and their latest offering from rkss.

The label compliments the distinct identity Freida has forged with her NTS radio show and DJ sets, which link wonky sound art with high energy techno, glistening ambient electronics with drum machine driven post-punk. The most exciting examples of a burgeoning leftfield electronic scene are presented effortlessly alongside long hidden musical gems.

The format of the show consists of an hours vinyl mix of abstract electronics and techno from Antepop, followed up with to an interview and mix from Chloe featuring music from Innershades, L Nehils, NYC Loft Trax, Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho and more.

Listen back to the show on Balamii, Mixcloud or Soundcloud.


1. Huerco S. – Untitled
2. Lee Gamble – Head Model
3. Peder Mannerfelt – The Great Attractor
4. Actress – Tree Of Knowledge
5. Design A Wave – III
6. Eduardo De La Calle – Suda Nityananda Parivara Vaisnava
7. Karen Gwyer – Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase
8. Function – Burn
9. Rrose – Mirror
10. Bored Young Adults – Check Up From The Neck Up
11. Rezzett – Doyce
12. (Interview) ~ Lee Gamble – Kuang Shaped Prowla
13. St. Julien- Pulse
14. Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia- Acid Dervish
15. Manie Sans Delire – Mania Sine Delirio
16. Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho – Unknown
17. L Neils – The Chapter
18. Nummer- To the D
19. NYC Loft Trax – Track 4
20. Innershades – CVS Momentum
21. Unknown – Forthcoming On Alien Jams

Discover more about Antepop and Alien Jams on Inverted Audio.