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Listen back to Toshiya Tsunoda’s European Prog-Rock mix for Newtype Rhythms

Newtype Rhythms comes to you this week with a focus on a far-off place and sound – European Prog Rock from the ’70s – what’s even more amusing about it is the source of the show’s special guest mix, Japanese field-recording master Toshiya Tsunoda.

The Yokohama-based artist has been at it again lately, thanks to a retrospective re-release from Lorenzo Senni’s Presto!? Records imprint “Extract from Field Recording Archive I-IV“, which cobbles together about 20 years worth of material. To celebrate that, Newtype Rhythms had him over for a guest mix, but with a twist: Tsunoda was told to go any direction he wanted in the mix, so he did what one naturally does, dig through his record collection and play a 70+ minute set of European prog-rock.

Sheepshead rocks the first 48 minutes with some ambient cuts and afterwards, Tsunoda chugs along with some timeless Euro-brilliance.


1. Toshifumi Hinata – Chaconne
2. Milieu – Mirage
3. Biosphere – Invariable Cowhandler
4. Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – particle 2
5. Asusu – M39
6. Nine Inch Nails – Feeders
7. Isorinne – Blurred Perceptions of Substance
8. Tape – Dripstone
9. Biosphere – Kobresia
10. Susumu Yokota – I Am Flying
11. Steve Hauschildt – Strands
12. Susumu Hirasawa – Guts

48:17 – END – mixed by Toshiya Tsunoda
00:00- CHERUBIN Choo Choo Train (West Germany,1975)
03:23- MONICA TÖRNELL Öje Brudmarsch (Sweden,1973)
07:55- INDEXI Svijet U Kome Živim (Yugoslavia,1974)
12:11- SAVOY Răspuns Cu Iubire (Romania,1977)
15:23- PESNYARY Ой, Рано На Ивана (USSR-Belarus,1971)
18:55- VIA 75 Оровела (USSR-Georgia,1981)
21:40- GAYA A Song Of The Highlands (USSR-Azerbaijan,1969)
23:27- DAGUE Cantem Nadal (France-Occitanae,1973)
26:26- IVERIYA AЗиmat (USSR-Georgia,1974?)
28:37- SINCRON Jocul Fetelor (Romania,1971)
34:45- POLL Έλα Ήλιε Μου (Greece,1972)
38:00- TRUBROT Mandala (Iceland,1972)
42:24- LUTAJUCA SRCA Starac i More (Yugoslavia,1973)
45:31- KOSTAS TOURNAS Ο Χρόνος Ο Καλύτερος (Greece,1974)
47:48- MONICA TÖRNELL Magical Fountain (Sweden,1973)
51:46- EMIL DIMITROV The Lunar Girl (Bulgaria,1974)
56:41- AXIS Bad Time Ago (Greece/France,1972)
61:22- PETR NOVAK GEORGE&BEATOVEN Až Větve Stromů Spálí Mráz (Czechoslovakia,1973)
65:43- FLAMENGO Stále Dál (Czechoslovakia,1972)
68:57- SYABRY Город Мастеров (USSR-Belarus,1985)

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