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Premiere: DJ Whipr Snipr – My Way

Hailing from the sunny, shark-filled oceanside of eastern Australia, DJ Whipr Snipr is a chill surf-loving dude and a hell of a positively-charged vibist, whose luscious blends of sample-heavy house and dusty lo-fi pulsations have found further echo on his label Nerang Recordings, which we were glad to feature on the occasion of their debut 12″ release, ‘Various Artists #1‘, a few weeks ago.

Today it’s a little unreleased goodie from Christopher that we’re much happy to stream in full over our channels. A mild, summer-friendly tune, ‘My Way‘ finds Whipr Snipr dunking the classic piano-flecked hook in a pool of FX reflections and delayed syncopation. Revolving around a static, self-rotating groove complete with hissy drums and chopped-up vox bits, its deliciously spooky pad work achieves transporting you to soothing thermal landscapes in a soft, breezy stroke.

Discover more about DJ Whipr Snipr on Inverted Audio.