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Listen to an unheard phone interview with James Stinson

Drexciya Research Lab have surfaced an unheard phone interview with James Stinson and Derek Beere originally recorded in 2002 for the now defunct Future BPM magazine.

According to the lab “this tape has not been heard before and been in Derek’s safe keeping for the last 16 years and we both felt it should be heard by fans. It’s a fascinating, often humorous and quite inspiring listen.”

James Stinson was a founding member of Drexciya alongside Gerald Donald, who released music together between 1992–2002. Stinson died on 3rd September 2002 due to heart complications in Newnam, Georgia.

James Stinson was involved in many musical projects including Underground Resistance, but his solo output was released under the aliases of Clarence, Jack Peoples, Lab Rat XL, Shifted Phases, Transllusion and The Other People Place.

Listen to the interview via the YouTube player below, or read the text version here.

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