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Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival detail 21st edition

A festival specialising in experimentalism — both film and sound — set in the Swiss city of Lausanne, the 21st edition of Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival takes place between 19 – 23 October 2022, boasting a stirring plethora of Leftfield cinema, music, workshops and free to attend events.

With this years agenda focussed on aesthetics of excess, vocal saturations and collective telepathy, LUFF describe their 5-day musical programme as experimental: “not as a musical genre, but as physical as well as conceptual, enthusiastic as well as critical“. The ticketed programme features the Deli Girls, Yeah You, Penny Rimbaud, experimental hip-hop/noise duo Model Home and Glaswegian “audio archeologist” Mark Vernon.

With the Casino de Montbenon as its central venue, LUFF’s multi-various venues sprawl throughout Lausanne where screenings, sound performances, workshops, book launches, and other exhibitions will come to life.

Free-to-attend concerts include sets from Æthereal Arthropod (Genot Centre), Citytronix, and Kavari, another Glaswegian musician, awarded Best Electronic Artist at the 2021 Scottish Alternative Music Awards for her uncompromising industrial club sound.

The film programme features both feature-length and short films, with special screenings including the world premiere of the “psychoactive movie” ‘Never Gate‘, “hallucinatory nightmare” ‘All Jacked Up and Full of Worms‘, dramatic drug-deal queer movie ‘Swallowed‘, and an extensive short film and documentary programme.

Daily Passes are priced 25-45 CHF per day ticket. OFF events are free to attend. Concerts are priced at 20 CHF.   

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