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Ma Sha Ru deliver an intergalactic live set for Newtype Rhythms

This week’s episode of Newtype Rhythms features an electrifying, enigmatic charmer of a live set from the constantly roaming group, Ma Sha Ru.

Based between Berlin, Minsk and New York, the globe-trotting duo are an energetic pairing that do not take things too seriously, as evidenced by their Kindergarten event series in New York and their own musical output on Sorry Records and their own imprint, named after their party. By having a wide range in headliners such as Cera Khin, DJ Bus Replacement Service, and Kilbourne – Ma Sha Ru inject that eclecticism into their sounds by never straying away from the main focus of finding the jubilance in the moment.

In their contribution to our sister mix series, the duo provide a window into their constantly evolving live show, as well as their way to channel their energies through a pandemic with a set that’s full of unique peaks, valleys and charm through all various bass flavours. Their invitation to a galactic club-sphere starts at 50 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up as per usual.


00:00 – 49:40 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. DJ Spooky – Variation Cybernetique: Rhythmic Pataphysic (Part II)
2. Lobby – Poolside
3. Roska – Movin’
4. Mob Serenade – Out Of Time
5. SNØW – Move & Breathe (feat. Serocee)
6. Walton – Kalimba
7. Anunaku – Nights
8. Forest Drive West – Radiance
9. Or:la – Greyed Out
10. Carlton Doom – ‘Ard
11. Ahadadream – Earthquake (feat. De Grandi)
12. Ozwald – Faust
13. Kaval – Nenufar
14. Mani Festo – Concorde II

50:01 – END – Live set by Ma Sha Ru

1. Ma Sha Ru – Spasibo
2. Ma Sha Ru – Showers
3. Ma Sha Ru – Moved
4. Ma Sha Ru – Face
5. Ma Sha Ru – Vacuum Delusion
6. Ma Sha Ru – Important Object
7. Ma Sha Ru – Rasslableniye
8. Ma Sha Ru – Jerboa
9. Ma Sha Ru – Unbalanced Circle
10. Ma Sha Ru – Minsk
11. Ma Sha Ru – Slew
12. Ma Sha Ru – Banno
13. Ma Sha Ru – Tower