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Keplar line up remastered repress of Marsen Jules third album ‘Herbstlaub’

Originally released in 2005 via Thaddeus Herrmann and Shlom Sviri (owner of Boomkat and Modern Love) now defunct label City Centre Offices, Marsen Jules‘ modern classical masterpiece ‘Herbstlaub‘ has been remastered by Stephan Mathieu and is now available on vinyl format by Berlin-based record label Keplar.

At the time of release, Jules’s third album presented an introspective and visionary album, blending elements of classical music with electronic textures in the form of six epic compositions that draw on the power of repetition, yet are full of internal tensions and sweeping dynamics. Fans of Wolfgang Voigt’s experimental dub techno project GAS take note.

The revised edition features artwork by Umor Rex’s Daniel Castrejón, shining a new light on an LP that paved the way not only for the artist’s later work, but also further developments in electronic and ambient music more broadly. Highlights include opening track ‘Fanes D’Automne‘ and ‘Tous Les Coeurs De Cette Terre’.

‘Herbstlaub’ is scheduled for release 23 September via Keplar. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Fanes D’Automne
2. De La Mort D’un Cygne
3. Aurore
4. Aile D’Aigle
5. Tous Les Coeurs De Cette Terre
6. Chanson Du Soir