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Matrixxman announces Homesick LP for Ghostly – Stream ‘Augmented’

Today San Francisco based producer Matrixxman, real name Charles Duff, announced the release of his debut 12-track album ‘Homesick’ scheduled for release on 10th July 2015 through Ghostly International.

Following an array of releases on labels including Fifth Wall, Dekmantel, Soo Wavey, Icee Hot and Spectral Sound, which featured remixes from Silent Servant and Hieroglyphic Being, ‘Homesick’ marks a new era for the producer in which dancefloor momentums and early morning zone­outs collide in a blast of futuristic inflexions.

The obsession of Charles Duff for cybernetic matters and augmented reality, his constant desire of watching at the reverse side of the evolution medal, all this constitutes the conceptual backbone of this promising debut LP. A long-length effort shaped to capsulize the essence of Matrixxman’s ‘visions’, each track offering a portal to a singular one-way trip.

Below you’ll find the streaming link for ‘Augmented’, the first extract off ‘Homesick’, a pure gem of alien techno that shall give you a strong first glimpse of the invasion to come. Mark the date and stay alert, the saucers will hit the shelves on July 10th.


1. Necronomicon
2. Augmented
3. Red Light District
4. Packard Plant
5. Dejected
6. Network Failure
7. False Pattern Recognition
8. Opium Den
9. Annika’s Theme
10. HMU (Hit Me Up) (feat. Vin Sol)
11. Switchlade
12. Earth Like Conditions


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