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Max Lange debuts new project as Prime Vertical on Ilian Tape

Following previous solo releases as Maxim Wolzyn through SVS Records and Marionette, Munich-based DJ and composer Max Lange lands on Ilian Tape in May to release his debut album as Prime Vertical.

With a penchant for experimenting with electroacoustic and spatial sound composition, Max Lange has also composed for the 4D sound system and works with SPAT in the Klangdom at HfG, Karlsruhe. He now steps up to join the ranks of Ilian Tape with his double LP named ‘Escapist Eschaton‘.

Spanning 10 widescreen compositions, ‘Escapist Eschaton’ is a deeply enthralling, beautiful and mediative body of ambient and electroacoustic music that is far removed from Ilian Tape’s traditional breakbeat and techno leanings. Highlights include ‘Mercury in Pisces‘, ‘Neukoelln Hyperfluid‘ and ‘Draconic Transverse‘. Artwork by Bàrbara Acevedo Strange.

Escapist Eschaton’ is scheduled for release 17 May via Ilian Tape. 


A1. The Sage of Tomorrow
A2. Ether4.syx
A3. Breezy Point
B1. Pink Clouds and no Place to Live
B2. Mercury in Pisces
C1. Sunset for Kon
C2. Neukoelln Hyperfluid
C3. Saturn in the 12th House
D1. Draconic Transverse
D2. Lord Have Mercy