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Mind Records issue NV ‘Binasu’ limited edition package (LP + Mind Clear 7-inch & Poster)

Released in February, the excellent debut album of Russian synth-pop artist Kate Shilonosova aka NV is getting reissued on Mind Records this spring in the form of an exclusive limited edition package comprised of the original LP (complete with an obi strip) + 7″ Mind Clear edition with 2 unreleased tracks + A1 poster designed by Kate herself. Only 50 pieces made.

The 7″ included in the bundle features two previously unreleased cuts from NV, showcasing the most experimental side of her craft. ‘RAZM‘ is an oddball shape-shifter, infusing primitive rhythms and tribal tropes within a shapely hypermodern framework, whilst ‘ZVONOK‘ delves into further playful arrhythmic interplays and off-key arrangements – as mind-bending as they keep the bubbly, candy’esque nature of Kate’s more pop-friendly endeavours intact.

Needless to say these are flying off the shelves real quick, so if you missed it the first time round and don’t want to waste a month of record-shopping budget on Discogs later on, head to the link below and indulge yourself while there is still time.

Binasu – Limited Edition (LP + 7″ + Poster) is out now in a very limited run of 50 copies, order one from Bandcamp.



A1. Bells Burp
A2. Inn
A3. Grass In The Woods
A4. Binasu
A5. 3Arms
B1. Kata
B3. Dance
B4. Nobinobi



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