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Premiere: Nummer – Nummer’s Tribute

Witnessing how a unique source can come out on such different, unique furrows was the driving concept behind Fragil latest 12″, ‘Tribute To The King‘, scheduled for release in late April. Gathered to give their own interpretation of the same raw material from a “king” we’ll leave up to you the pleasure of discovering, some of the French label’s affiliates – Nummer, Simo Cell, Jäfar and Bazarov – step up to deliver a multi-hued remix EP that shines through its extensive versatility and all-round cohesive creativeness.

Opening festivities, French-born Berlin-based duo Nummer dish out a proper feel-good tropical melter blazing with suave afro-funk hooks and dubbed-out guitar riffs amidst other rousing vibraphone melodies, enticing cowbells and cosmic arpeggios on rewind. Like setting up an improvised party in some idyllic, sun-bathed rainforest clearing, pleasantly hedged in by the fluid force of magic cascades, chlorophyllian green and the euphonic charm of multicoloured bird songs. Warm and sensuous tribal house groover in full effect.

Tribute To The King is released via Fragil Musique on 27th April, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Nummer – Nummer’s Tribute
A2. Simo Cell – Simo Cell’s Tribute
B1. Jafar – Jafar’s Tribute
B2. Bazarov – Bazarov’s Tribute

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