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Premiere: Ligovskoï – Aures (Peder Mannerfelt Power Mix)

Operating out of Brussels via Paris, Ligovskoï – the duo formed by Nikolaï Azonov and Valerio Selig – first came to light in 2014 with their debut offering on DEMENT3D, ‘Dilip EP and Remixes‘, an eight-track EP including four originals and their mirrored versions on a distinct 12″, including reworks from In Aeternam Vale, Abdulla Rashim, Antigone & François X, Hbtvsk.

Even though it wasn’t their trial run – they had put out a CD album on IL Y A Records a year earlier, Azonov and Selig brought their supple, melancholic ambient and drone scapes to further celestial heights with this stunning second effort. Through extended blends of heedfully textured sonics and wretched themes running wide, they carved out a signature that’s sure to be renewed and perpetuated by their new delivery, ‘Mana‘, due out via DEMENT3D on 2nd May and featuring Peder Mannerfelt, Abdulla Rashim, Polar Inertia and HBT on remix duty.

Our pick, Mannerfelt’s reinterpretation of the spine-tingling horizontal opener ‘Aures‘ is a transcending mercurial gem, complete with a stunningly broad multi-dimensional scope. Kick-starting truncated jungle breaks and distorted laser bursts as volatile dubby echoes vanish into thin air and prismatic synth slivers slowly dissolve in a sea of silence, the Swedish producer offers a haunting take on Ligovskoï’s mesmeric atmospheres. An arresting revamp from the Stockholm’s master.

Mana is released via DEMENT3D on 2nd May.


1. Aures
2. Mana
3. Elgon
4. Cross
5. Lethe
6. Aures (Peder Mannerfelt Power Mix)
7. Mana (Abdulla Rashim Remix)
8. Lethe (Polar Inertia Remix)
9. Cross (HBT Remix)

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