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It goes without a doubt – Acting Press has become one of the most talked about record labels in the underground realm since debuting two years ago. In a relatively short space of time the label has been able to catch a lot of attention with a batch of panache releases that circle the edges of house and ambient music.

From PLO Man’s sturdy jungle textured ‘Rare Plastic’ via the mellow ‘Rhyme’ of Attitudes in Error to the tape hisses of Xali’p ‘Glass Horizon’, never raise an eyebrow and be ready for surprises when it comes to the Berlin-based outlet.

We are happy to bring you a new mix from Acting Press co-founder C3D-E, (aka C3Deee / Xali’p), who brings in a taste of his deeper-than-deep record collection with a mix which moves on the trippy-sleazy-pumping ’90s axis.

Other than the fact that C3D-E was born in Switzerland, recently moved to Berlin from Vancouver, and that he’s credited for every Acting Press release except for PRESS02, very little is known about the guy. No interview nor track-list is provided this time but see that as a chance to let the music do the talking.

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