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A hotbed for electronic creativity, Dublin has distinguished itself from other European bastions by the steady sloughing and regeneration of its scene, where young talents and confirmed ones learn from each other. Ahead of trends and developments, the city has been providing a healthy lot of leading-edge artists and platforms, daring to break ground where most would only follow suit.

Well established in their own leagues, Irish genre-busters Lumigraph and New Jackson decided to join forces and created Garies, a new project fusing bubbly techno complexions, off-axis 4/4 programming, altered instrumental hip-hop and immersive acid-dipped atmospheres.

With their first record freshly released on Barry Redsetta’s Major Problems and a handful parallel endeavours for some hot labels underway, the pair seized the occasion and recreated their live set at Drop Everything, a cultural biennial taking place on the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland.

We were invited to do a ten-day residency at the Drop Everything festival on Inis Oirr at the end of May 2018. The initial idea was to finish our first release there and present it live on the Sunday of the festival but we ended finishing it in advance of the festival. So we decided to spend the time making new stuff and present that instead.”

Exclusively comprised of unreleased material, which means no cut from the ‘Dull Clunk‘ EP on MP either, the mix is all new Garies stuff and deftly oscillates between a post-Rephlex kind of vibe and off-kilter robot scripts on a balearic tip, as New Jackson’s signature woozy, sensuous electronics and Lumigraph’s further sturdy hybrid techno alloys weave a fascinating floor narrative.

Dull Clunk is out now via Major Problems, order a copy from Juno.

Discover more about Garies on Inverted Audio.