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IA MIX 308 Roza Terenzi

Of all the gifted exports Australia has provided the international underground with in recent years, Victoria-based vibist Roza Terenzi definitely counts amongst the most intriguing and intuitively ingenious, and her reputation’s been skyrocketing.

Hailing from the talent-brimming Melbourne, Roza, real name Katie Campbell, has established a sound both soothingly solar and propulsive; engineering elements of organic house, liquid DnB, acid and full-on esoteric nu age to shape and define her own unique blends, all at once club-friendly and well suited for home listening.

With already a pair of top-shelf 12″s under her belt this year, including the quad-track belter ‘Let’s Ride‘ for Dekmantel, Katie’s keeping up with the unrelenting pace that’s seen her make a niche as one of the most in-demand groove manipulators.

Going in with over an hour of full-blast electro, alien analogue jazz and old school jungle epics, the OZ deck enchantress will have you zoning out far away from this galaxy in a flash. Read our interview below to find out more about Katie’s wide-spanning influences, creative environment and studio methods. Killer stuff.

Interview by Baptiste Girou

"I was always into making different music, which translated to
electronic stuff once I starting listening to a lot more of that...
I was just curious and wanted to explore different sounds"

Hey Katie, thanks for that killer, lusher-than-lush mix; a most perfect fit for the searing days ahead definitely! Please tell us more about it, what was your angle of attack on this one?

Hello! Pleasure… I recorded the mix at my friend Colin’s flat in Amsterdam whilst on tour. I mainly wanted to challenge myself to mix up my go-to mix structures, just trying new flow between tempo and genre.

Starting slower and dubby, moving back into some jungle and high tempo stuff and then bringing it back down. As per, a mix of new and old and some forthcoming tracks from friends in there.

Is it a faithful reflection of the sets you play out there, or did you opt for something a little different this time?

Parts of it is for sure, but it’s definitely more of an all-round home listening situation… not to say some of it isn’t pretty clubby. But often I don’t get to make it to that wide of range in a set.

Let’s trace back to the roots of it all, how did it all start for you in the world of electronic music?

The early roots definitely come from hearing my Dad working in his studio and getting to play around with his recording equipment.

Electronic music really became important to me as I was finishing school and starting going out to shows in Perth at the same time as studying electronic composition and technology.

What prompted you to start producing music yourself?

I was recording myself playing guitar and singing when I was in high school, experimenting with Logic Pro. So I was always into making different music, which translated to electronic stuff once I starting listening to a lot more of that… I was just curious and wanted to explore different sounds.

From your debut release ‘The “O.G.” EP’ on Good Company Records two years ago onto your latest offering on Dekmantel, through choice issuings for Butter Sessions, Voyage Recordings and Kalahari Oyster Cult, you’ve been unrelentingly making it to the top of the scene with admirable steadfastness. How does it feel achieving so much in so little time?

I guess it doesn’t feel like a little time for me, I have been producing for almost 8 years now, although I can see how it would appear that way! I’m honestly just happy and grateful people have put their trust in me to release and support my music, it means a lot.

What’s next on your slate? Any new releases in the pipes you can tell us about yet?

I’m in the middle of a pretty long DJ tour right now so that’s pretty consuming at the moment. I have a record coming out soon for a Klasse Wrecks x Pelvis collaboration, a few remixes for some friends which will be out soon, a split EP with Furious Frank later in the year and am currently working on an LP.

You’re from Melbourne, a city that’s provided the world’s techno and house scene with a rather impressive array of talents over the past decade. How does the city and its surroundings inspire you?

Yep, I’ve been living in Melbourne for the last 2 and a half years and it’s been really important to my motivation and work flow.

I love Melbourne – it’s a great place to live with minimal stress and I think that helps me stay in a good zone when it comes to making music. The people there are definitely are a big part of how it inspires me.

"Whenever I take some time out in nature, or a new environment,
I feel a strong sense of energy and renewal, that is important to me"

As heard throughout this mix and your productions, one can not but feel an organic attachment to nature and the sounds of it. Is it one of your main sources of inspiration?

I think subconsciously yes… I find that if I spend too much time in the city I can start feeling a bit stagnant. I know whenever I take some time out in nature, or a new environment, I feel a strong sense of energy and renewal, that is important to me – not just in regards to music.

What are your favourite places to hang out in Melbourne?

My studio, friends’ places, Merri Creek Trail and the Yarra Bend, New Day Rising, Curtain Square park…

Which new talents from the city should we keep an eye on?

Reptant, River Yarra, Escape Artist, Logic1000, DJ Plead, Furious Frank, Nerve, Liluzu… that’s just a few from Melbourne, make sure you check out the rest of Australia too.

Do you ever contemplate the idea of moving to Europe?

Yes I’ve been contemplating it for about 5 years (laughs). I honestly get asked this question every place I go on tour… it’s on my mind but I’m yet to think of somewhere in Europe that ticks all the boxes for me. Right now I have an amazing set-up including my studio in Melbourne and don’t pay a fortune. We will see!

What makes you happy?

The people around me; seeing them motivated, inspired and happy in what they are doing. Working with friends, travelling, locking myself in my studio, good food.

What irks you the most?

People that don’t know how to have a laugh.

What was the last record store you visited and what did you bag there?

I think it was Kristina Records in London… From memory I got… The Future Sound of London ‘Accelerator‘, Marine Boy ‘Fluid‘ and Model 500 ‘The True Techno EP‘.

What are your plans for the summer?

Euro summer? I’m here til august playing shows in the UK and Europe on the weekends and hopefully swimming as much as possible in the weeks. Then heading to North America for some more shows before I return to my real oz summer.

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