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Moomin signs to Wolf Music and announces third album ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’

Following two albums and three extended players on Smallville, Moomin has announced the release of his third album via veteran UK-based house imprint Wolf Music, joining the ranks of Frits Wentink, Greymatter, Medlar and Casino Times.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ LP sees Moomin return to old tropes with an immediately familiar sound found in his debut album ‘The Story About You’, blending elements of house and infusing them with a long documented love for hip-hop, but also sees the producer break new ground with impeccable swerves towards jungle and drum and bass.

The rich subtlety of Moomin’s productions give them a shelf life that far outstrips many of his contemporaries. The core dialogue that makes Moomin’s music so pleasurable is between the organic, flowing melodies and the tough drum loops whose repetition feels almost surgical in contrast.

‘Yesterday’s Tomorrow’ is scheduled for release 18th May 2018 in vinyl and digital formats, order a copy from HHV.


1. Daysdays
2. In Our Lifetime
3. Shibuya Feelings
4. Maybe Tomorrow
5. Move On
6. 949494
7. Into The Woods
8. Fruits

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