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Art Crime provides a lysergic visual aid to mu tate’s second album ‘they’re with you always’

Released in September through 3XL and Utter, mu tate’s second album has caused profound waves of emotion in the ambient and experimental domains, indebted to extraneous soundscapes, atmospheres, vocals and deep bass.

There’s a lot to love about ‘they’re with you always‘, especially the collaborations with producers and vocalists including Nikolay Kozlov, Space Afrika, Desirée Monique and Igor Dyachenko & Mathilde. The album artwork is reminiscent of a fairy-tale book cover you’d expect from Ladybird, but this artwork is much darker, complimenting the psychotropic nature of the music contained within.

To help visualise the album, Russian producer Art Crime steps in to create a visual aid to accompany and complete the album, resulting in a slow motion collage of lysergic abstractions, digitised degradation, cowboys, popular culture and other polymorphic shapes and textures.

Watching the video feels like that fleeting moment of blurred vision after standing up from sitting down too quickly. Soaked in foggy textures and other vaporous emanations, Art Crime creates a world of penetrating beauty that’ll arise before your eyes.

‘they’re with you always’ is out now via 3XL and Utter. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store and digital from Bandcamp.


A1. Cicada Break
A2. Frank’s Hublots
A3. All Night Drip (feat. Nikolay Kozlov)
B1. ∞∞ (feat. Space Afrika)
B2. Was It Holy (feat. Desirée Monique)
B3. Opaque333
B4. Me When U
B5. They’re With You Always (feat. Igor Dyachenko & Mathilde)

Mu Tate – They're With You Always 2